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Elemental Set Course

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Our Elemental Set contains 20 Patagonia Essences, carefully selected to open the 7 main chakras in a balanced way. Flower, Bird, and Mineral Essences complement each other by working on different levels. You will have the chance to experience with essences tailored for your needs from the first module, gaining a deep understanding of how they work, beyond the theory. We will also support you on a case study so that you end the course feeling confident using the essences with those around you. Contents: Introduction to Patagonia Essences. Flowers, Birds, and Minerals: what is special about each line, and how they complement each other. 20 Essences: Positive qualities, patterns of imbalance, signature. Case study: ethical considerations, how to present a case, the importance of transference. What you'll get: - Live monthly meetings, to deepen your learning journey and support you on anything you need. - Self-paced, 20 videos of 45 minutes each. - A one-to-one session with your tutor. - Printable material and personal reflections. - Support forum. - Supported case study. - 20% discount in essences througout the course.



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Elemental Set

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