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Who we are

We're a passionate team of therapists with over 15 years of experience exploring remote Chilean landscapes to study native flora, birds, and minerals. In deep gratitude for Nature, we've co-created over 200 essences in three categories: Flowers, Birds, and Minerals. Our work is driven by a deep appreciation for nature, a commitment to human potential, community engagement, and a love for teamwork. Since 2013, we've been training therapists worldwide to confidently work with this vibrational essence system.

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A little bit about our land...

Chile boasts diverse landscapes, shaped by the Andes to the east, ice fields and fjords to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Atacama Desert to the north. These varied environments have given rise to unique endemic species adapted to thrive in extreme conditions.

Patagonia is characterized by strong winds, towering peaks, vast ice fields, and expansive steppes. Nature in such extreme climates maximizes its fundamental abilities for survival, fostering uniqueness and resilience.

Love and respect for nature are fundamental to our values, so Patagonia Essences are co-created in the authentic locations of each element, using uncontaminated products. We strive for a minimal footprint, take extra care of endangered species, and avoid altering the natural environment of flowers or birds.​


Patagonia Essences are crafted from native Chilean species collected in the most extreme landscapes of our country: Patagonia, the Atacama Desert, the highlands, temperate forests, and high mountains. Patagonia embodies the strength found in each bottle of Patagonia Essences, helping us awaken these capacities within ourselves.

Patagonia Essences activate vital human functions, connecting with the instincts of life, love, and consciousness, guiding us toward the purpose of our soul. 


The vibrational essences of Flowers, Birds, and Minerals complement each other to address each concern from multiple dimensions. They work directly on our deepest energetic structures, showing rapid, noticeable, and lasting effects, both physically and emotionally.


Join us in experiencing this transformative journey!


Then, what's unique about these essences?


Patagonia Essences is dedicated to researching and promoting Floral and Vibrational Essences, a natural complement for holistic well-being. We explore the unique biodiversity of Chile, unlocking its undiscovered medicinal applications for global awareness.

Our mission is to make the healing properties of our nature, particularly the flora, fauna, and natural resources of our territory, accessible to an increasing number of people.

We achieve this through the research, production, promotion, and sale of vibrational essences derived from Chile's native flora, birds, and minerals, contributing to the growth of this field in Chile and worldwide.

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We envision ourselves...

As a community where our customers are also collaborators, friends, and researchers. United by the belief that we can provide well-being and health using the unique resources of our territory, in harmony with the environment and human nature.

We aim to consolidate and share the knowledge gained about Chile's vibrational essences, making their use more accessible and widespread, both in Chile and abroad.


We are a team of women, entrepreneurs, and above all, friends, driven by the common passion for essences.

Together, we co-create essences with Nature, the true leader and owner of Patagonia Essences

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