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Sep 7, 2024 - Nov 30, 2024

Bird Essences Course

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Discover the world of Bird Essences in our comprehensive course! Delve into the unique characteristics and use of Bird Essences, exploring their distinctions from floral and mineral essences. Our Patagonia Bird Essences Set (20 essences) offers an immersive study with insights into each species, essence development, chakras, aura bodies, and local applications. Embark on a personal experiential journey with essences tailored to your needs. Sessions provide integration space, enhancing theoretical understanding. Course Modality: Monthly live meetings cover 15 essences, with pre-recorded classes for the remaining 5, enhancing flexibility. Access a portfolio for note-taking and a support forum for questions and sharing. Personal experience guidance from the first module. Carry on a case study with our support, so you finish feeling empowered to keep working with them. Course Highlights: Five 2-hour live meetings. Access to extra content, including five in-depth videos. Personal Reflection Guides with excerises, rituals and art therapy suggestions. Receive a manual with essence descriptions and ongoing support on the community forum. Enjoy a 20% discount on products throughout the course.



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