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Aug 3, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024

Perinatal Experience and Vibrational Essences

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We all came from the fluid world of our mother’s womb. Yet, it’s so hard to remember what life was like by then. Can those preverbal experiences leave a mark on our later life? Are there ways to access and harmonise that information? Pregnancy is a crucial time for our souls. It’s when we are first welcomed into this life, we are usually very connected to our life purpose and spiritual guides, and with the urge to start grounding into our new tiny bodies. Based on her preception and by dowsing many mother and baby’s chakras from conception to birth, Natalia will share her discoveries and experiences about the evolution of chakras during the first stages of life. How Vibrational Essences can help in this grounding process and what can we as adults do to bring healing to our own perinatal experiences.



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4 instalments - Perinatal Matrices


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